Covid-19 Policy

Covid-19 Policy

Covid-19 Policy

My clients’ wellbeing is always my top priority. Since the Covid-19 pandemic, I have implemented a number of new measures to ensure the safety of my sports massage clients, complying fully with government guidelines and those of my professional body. I would like to thank my clients for their continued support and compliance throughout this time.

Your Appointment

When you book a Sports Massage appointment, I will then send you a confirmation email containing all the information that you will need before and during your visit. Please read this carefully.

Before your appointment you will be asked to complete 2 online forms:

1) Covid-19 Screening Form (on every visit)
2) Consultation Form (once post-Covid)

Please note I will be unable to provide your treatment without the completion of these.

I will send you the links to these forms in your appointment confirmation email. Upon your arrival I will verbally Covid Screen you again and you will be asked to sign your Covid-19 Screening Form.

If between completing the Covid-19 Screening Form and your appointment you or any members of your household suffer from Covid-19 symptoms, or have to self-isolate, please do not attend your appointment. Please contact me to rearrange. I am unable to treat clients who classified as “high risk”.

Please arrive at your agreed appointment time, message me from your car to confirm your arrival (or outside the gate if walking) on 0795 8142192, via Facebook messenger or What’s App. I will come to collect you and we will undertake “Covid-19 Triage” once again.

Please wear a face covering throughout our time together. Don your mask before I come to collect you and please keep it on until we have said our farewells.

You will be required to use hand sanitiser on entry to, post treatment and exit from the Therapy Room – it will be located by the door/desk.

Please endeavour to minimise clothing/items you bring/wear into the Therapy Room.

You can bring your own water for rehydration post treatment and where feasible leave in your car.

Please attend the appointment on your own. If you must bring a guardian/chaperone by law, they will also need to be Covid-19 screened.

Try to refrain from touching surfaces. You can of course touch the couch.

When possible, please try to keep a safe distance with no contact other than the massage itself. Table talk will be kept to a minimum in an effort to reduce aerosol spray – it’s going to be a lot quieter!

Some treatments may be adapted to side-lying, as appropriate, if a position whilst wearing a face mask becomes uncomfortable – we will work through any issues together.

Online payment prior to your appointment is preferred but cash can be accepted – please leave it on my desk on arrival.

Keep safe and well – be vigilant post treatment for any signs of symptoms that you or anyone close to you may have relating to Covid-19 and if necessary contact me accordingly.

If needed due to Covid-19 circumstances (if you/I have symptoms or are self isolating), I will rearrange a booked appointment for a mutually agreeable time at no charge.

New Protocol

To be able to provide treatment as safely as possible I have introduced the above new appointment procedures, along with new preparations and protocols.

A comprehensive Risk Assessment of treatment practice and premises has been carried out. I hold a Certificate of Achievement – Covid-19 2020 – Cross Infection Protection following completing this course.

I have sourced regulation PPE and wear a new fresh face covering for every client. I don a face visor prior to hands-on treatment and use hand sanitiser on entry to/exit from the Therapy Room and during treatment as necessary.
Enhanced hygiene measures have been implemented using additional cleaning products and massage equipment/linens. I conduct deep cleaning including disinfection of touch points, tools, equipment and working stations (couch, chair, stool etc).
I have ensured good ventilation in the Therapy Room along with upgraded storage and disposal procedures.
Time between client appointments has been increased.
Signage has been installed to give clear client guidance, to ensure social distancing (where feasible) and best managed transmission risk.

I will be reviewing this policy regularly in line with advice from the government and my professional association.

I would like to thank my clients for working with these new guidelines. If you have any questions please contact me on 07958142192 or

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