Sports Massage Therapy Basingstoke

Relax. Recover. Rehabilitate

I understand that perhaps you:

  • are suffering from muscle soreness, tension, stress or posture discomfort.
  • may have an overuse injury, a minor sports injury or muscle tiredness from training and may have stopped training altogether due to the pain.
  • have back, neck and shoulder soreness or hip or knee pain.
  • could be struggling to sleep at night or to do your job comfortably.
  • may be looking to help give your body the opportunity to recover and rehabilitate, to help improve your performance and keep injuries at bay.
  • would like to relax and have some “you” time.

I am a (Sports and Remedial) Massage Therapist in Basingstoke. I understand the importance of keeping your body “running” well, and keeping on top of those training “niggles”, in an effort to reduce potential injury. I have suffered injury in the past and understand the frustrations of emotional, mental and physically well-being – the fear of losing fitness, of wondering if I would ever be able to live and train without discomfort again, questioning why it happened to me.

I discovered important benefits of sports massage. This gave me a better understanding about my body and how to maximise its performance. I now have regular sports massage during training blocks to aid recovery of muscle tiredness, pre and post events to keep my soft tissues in tip top condition and to keep my joints mobile. I understand how massage therapy can help and provide sports massage in Basingstoke.

Sports Massage Basingstoke

As a Sports Massage Therapist, I can help you.

Sports massage therapy is a form of massage involving the manipulation of soft tissues which can help you overcome muscular dysfunction as a result of posture, occupational stress or sporting activity. Sports massage can help you maintain performance, recover from training, and prevent injury.

  • Ease tired and damaged muscles
  • Promote recovery from training and injury
  • Help relaxation and alleviate effects of stress and tension
  • Assist in improved posture and increased joint mobility
  • Improve blood flow and circulation.

Feel confident about your training, feel strong, and take your training to the next level with sports massage in Basingstoke.

Sports Massage Therapy – Packages & Prices

Sports Massage

Ideal for anyone looking to relieve muscle tension, or optimise recovery whilst training, and pre/post an event.

How it works?

  • Initial questionnaire (for first appointment) and assessment (your posture and subjective opinion)
  • Treatment plan is discussed and mutually agreed.
  • Use of a variety of soft tissue and sports massage techniques to help you reach your treatment goal.
  • Provision of exercises/stretches (as required) to aid recovery.
  • Contact and honest feedback from you, the client, within the following couple of days.
  • For the assessment and massage, you should wear loose, comfortable clothing and underwear. Towels will be used appropriately to cover you, to protect your clothing from the massage lotion and protect your modesty.

Sports massage may cause some discomfort as tight or injured muscles are treated. You need to be relaxed for effective treatment and we will remain in constant communication throughout the session which allows you to provide feedback and stay in control. Post massage you may experience some soreness and this is a good sign that your body is responding well.

I work from my Therapy Room which is located in Sherfield Park (RG27 0FD).

£45 (60 minutes appointment)   

£40 (45 minutes appointment)

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