Running Coaching

Running Coaching

Dream. Believe. Achieve

I understand you have running aspirations and want help in achieving them.

Perhaps you:

  • have many demands on your time – balancing a busy work and/or family life
  • are already training but not achieving your desired results.
  • feel frustrated, have lost your “running mojo”, or want to try a different approach.
  • want guidance about your running technique or event preparation.
  • feel anxious about or want to take that next step up in distance, or speed, or change terrain.
  • want support and focus and to be accountable to someone, get feedback on progression.
  • would you like to have your sessions tailored to help you to realise your goals.
  • are interested in personal 1:2:1 coaching or a running technique analysis.

Ultimately, you want to know that every step you take, every kilometre/mile you run, meets your training goals.

Train smart with a running coach – train with the Shelley Plan.

I am a runner and my life is busy. In the past, I struggled to balance my training with my home and work life. Sometimes I ran too little, sometimes too much – I never knew what training to do, how long and far to run for, how often, at what time and speed and I did not really understand focused smart training. I now understand the importance of all of these elements and how a running coach can help.  I am disciplined, dedicated and enthusiastic and I am passionate about helping you  achieve your running aspirations.

Running Coach Basingstoke

As a running coach, I can help you.

Running coaching service which helps you develop your running abilities and become the best version of you; as a runner and as an athlete, and ultimately to achieve your running aspirations.

  • Feel in control of your training and feel more confident.
  • Be accountable for every step.
  • Watch training and mindset develop – feel better in both mind and body.
  • Understand the importance of different types of training.
  • Take your training to another level.
  • Feel motivated to set the next challenge.
  • Be a better version of you – achieve results.
  • Benefit from a wealth of experience and knowledge.
  • Enjoy personal coaching for all abilities, ages and distances from 0k – 100k+.
  • Feel the passion and desire to do better.

Running Coaching – Packages & Prices

Online Personal Running Coach (Shelley Plan)

Ideal for anyone looking for a bespoke and structured running coaching plan to help you reach your running potential. Designed for general fitness goals or specific goal focus – from 0k to 100k+.

How it works?

  • Initial consultation (face to face/by phone) – then I create a handcrafted coaching plan.
  • Shared access to online coaching plan – you complete your training and are accountable for what you do.
  • Detailed session plans provided – focus on your training.
  • Race preparation and planning guidance as well as post-race discussion.
  • Provision of ongoing support, guidance and feedback – plan is adapted to suit what life throws at you.

£70 (monthly)

Running Technique Analysis (Runner’s MOT)

Ideal for anyone looking for a head-to-heel comprehensive running technique analysis.

  • 1:2:1 analysis of running fitness fundamentals (agility, balance, coordination) and running technique.
  • Feedback summarised in written report.
  • Expert advice.
  • Demonstration of running drills and stretches.

£50 (60 minutes)

Coached 1:2:1 Session

Ideal for anyone looking for a personal coached training session.

  • Bespoke training session to develop a specific element of your running goals (speed, endurance, hills).
  • Feedback summarised in written report.
  • Expert advice.
  • Demonstration of running drills and stretches.

£40 (60 minutes)

Ultimate Package – Run.Recover.Repeat

Online Personal Running Coach PLUS Sports Massage

Ideal for anyone looking to benefit from the perfect combination of a bespoke and structured online running coaching plan along with a monthly sports massage to optimise recovery and performance whilst training.

Running Coach: 

  • Initial consultation and then creation of tailored coaching plan.
  • Shared access to online coaching plan.
  • Detailed session plans adapted weekly to suit your life.
  • Race preparation and planning guidance.
  • Provision of ongoing support, guidance and feedback.

*** PLUS ***

Sports Massage:

  • Initial assessment.
  • Treatment plan (mutually agreeable).
  • Use of a variety of Soft Tissue and Sports Massage techniques to ensure your reach your treatment goal.
  • Monthly treatment.

£100 (monthly) instead of £110.

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